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Career Opportunities for Registered Hair Professionals

Taking the time to get education in your field of interest, beyond the skills you have naturally acquired, can help you achieve the occupation of your dreams.  Give yourself every chance to succeed by becoming a registered hair professional today, and you may qualify to work in one of these areas:

  • Master haircare stylist / Hair braider

  • Hair color specialist

  • Texture service specialist

  • Wig or extensions specialist

  • Retail specialist

  • Salon owner

  • Salon manager

  • Day Spa stylist or technician

  • Makeup artist

  • Skin care specialist / esthetician

  • Nail technician / manicurist

  • Session stylist

  • Cosmetic chemist

  • Product educator

  • Hairstylist for TV, movies or theater

  • Styles director / artistic director

  • Design team member

  • State Board member

  • Competition champion

  • Educator

  • Writer

  • Platform artist

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